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Stalker Harassment

Stalking is an incredibly common occurrence, with the number of cases rising every year. We at Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. are aware how serious this problem is and are prepared to assist in protecting your personal safety and bringing your stalker to justice.

For example, Sarah has had the feeling that she's been followed for several months. She tried calling the police, but they told her that that they can't act until an assault or another criminal offense has occurred. Sarah lives alone and doesn't know what to do.

Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. will conduct surveillance on the client to ensure safety and peace of mind. After Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. has completed their investigation, the stalker can be identified and charged with a criminal offense, which may lead to incarceration.

Types of Stalker Harassment

There has been a great deal of confusion regarding stalkers. People have a stereotypical image in their minds of a deranged, disheveled male standing in the bushes and staring into windows. There are really three different stalker "types".

The first type is the intimate partner stalker. He/she is known as the person that "just can't let go." These are most often people who refuse to believe that a relationship has really ended. Often, other people, even the victim, feel sorry for them. In most cases, they are not deserving of this sympathy. Studies have shown that the vast majority of these stalkers are not lonely romantics, but were in fact emotionally abusive and controlling during the relationship. Many have criminal histories that are unrelated to stalking. Well over half of stalkers fall into this category.

In these types of stalking cases, the victim may unwillingly encourage the stalker by "trying to let him/her down easy" or agreeing to speak to him/her "just one last time". Unfortunately, there is no reasoning with stalkers. The fact that stalking, an unreasonable activity, has begun, merely illustrates this fact. When the victim says, "I don't want a relationship now," the stalker hears, "He/she'll want me tomorrow." The only thing to say to a stalker is "no." No explanations, no time limits, no room to maneuver or negotiate.

The victim should say "no" once and only once. Then, never say anything to the stalker again. If a stalker can't have the victim's love, they'll take hatred or fear. The worst thing in the world for a stalker is to be ignored. Former intimate partner stalkers have their entire sense of self-worth caught up in the fact that "he/she loves me." Therefore, any evidence to the contrary is seen as merely an inconvenience to be overcome.

Another type of stalker is the delusional stalker frequently have had little, if any, contact with their victims. They may have major mental illnesses like schizophrenia, manic depression, or erotomania. What they all have in common is some false belief that keeps them typed to their victim. In erotomania, the stalker's delusional belief is that the victim loves him. This type of stalker actually believes that he is having a relationship with his victim, even though they might never have met. Robert Bardo, the man who stalked and killed actress Rebecca Schaeffer is an example of an erotomanic stalker.