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Counterintelligence Investigations

Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. counterintelligence investigations include:
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Questionable document examination
  • Forensic Lab Reports

Forensic findings have been instrumental in resolving question regarding disputed documents in civil and criminal litigation, employment arbitrations, family law, real estate transactions, internal investigations, as well as medical and legal disciplinary hearings.

Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. can provide both expert and objective examinations of questioned documents.
An analysis can be conducted to determine the manner in which a document has been prepared, by whom it was or was not executed, and if changes have occurred since its production. Our firm's expertise includes:

  • Handwriting comparisons and analysis
  • Detection and decipherment of any changes or omitted information
  • Recognition of photocopied fabrications
  • Comparisons of typewriter, fax, and computer printer impressions
  • Ink analysis
  • Document dating and determination of sequence of entry

A wide variety of documents are submitted routinely for analysis, including:
  • Last will and testaments
  • Business contracts
  • Anonymous letters
  • Medical charts
  • Cheques
  • Credit card receipts
  • Real estate purchase and lease agreements
  • Accounting forms and ledgers
  • Legal files

Insurance forms

- All examinations are conducted using the methodology recognized within the forensic science field.
- Detailed reports are prepared and supported by expert witness testimony when required.
- Pre-trial evaluation of all forensic reports and examiner qualifications is offered in preparation for cross-examination of expert witnesses.