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Special Event Security

Every successful event begins with careful planning and preparation for all reasonably anticipated risks. Our event security services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

  • Monitoring closed areas of the venue
  • Provide 24 hour surveillance of your supplies
  • Guard event equipment and vehicles
  • Provide security to VIPs
  • Monitor compliance with alcohol and amplified sound policies
  • Assist guest with finding their seats and direct them to restrooms, payphones, and concession.
  • Provide guest with directions on where to enter the venue for the event.

We conducted VIP protection and security services for the 2007 JUNO Awards.

We provide you with the ultimate in security and confidentiality you demand; thereby, creating the "PEACE OF MIND" you deserve

Business organizations should consider potential risks during special events, meetings and conventions. Accidents, criminal incidents or sudden emergencies can bring disaster to an expensively held event or meeting. The recognition desired by a company can turn into a damaged reputation in the advent of untimely incidents, so companies must include security and safety in their advanced planning activities. The host company should recognize its responsibility for any adverse situation that may result during the special event.


Security is a must for any special event. From the parking lot, to checking in your garments and personal items security is essential for the safety and connivance of your guests. Security assists in areas of safety concerns and liability as well as assisting or preventing situations from beginning or getting out of hand. Security delivers the assurance of a greater peace of mind for the special event host and planner knowing that things will be festive and enjoyable for guests with out the fear of being unsafe. One should always find out the security policies and number of security personnel dispatched at any event venue or facility especially pertaining to your particular event date and time.

Determining your security needs

Every event carries with it it's own security risks and guest safety concerns. Depending on the particular needs of your event the security should be at the same level of risks. How do you evaluate your security needs. Determining the type of event you are hosting, the size of the crowd, the type of personal items guest will be wearing and carrying, the area surrounding the event site or venue and the valuable items that will be used, displayed, or auctioned while at your event are the key determining factors. Determining these factors will determine

Locating competent security personnel

Locating competent security personnel is no farther than your own local law enforcement agency. Many of the local Police and Sheriff's departments are well rehearsed in the proper protocol and requirements of security and protection at special events. Many of these officers can be deployed in full uniform or in plain cloths depending on your need of visibility and security concerns. Other forms of security include private security agencies or personnel that are highly trained just for use in the hospitality and special event industry.

Areas of security risks and concerns

Parking and walking from one's vehicle to a venue is a major security concern. Open and poorly lighted parking lots are a major source of security concerns. The area of town surrounding the venue is a major consideration in understanding how to eliminate the security risks to you and your guests while at your event. Overlooking and ignoring these parking areas, parking lots, garages and decks have lead to muggings, purse snatchings and car jackings. Being aware of these areas and securing them make for a safe environment.

Internal areas such as foyers and entrances where personal items are placed or stored are of a security concern. Having a check in for personal items such as coats, furs, purses reduce the risk of security from theft.

Having events that includes auctions, gifts and awards are a security concern for items walking away. Security camera surveillance is one thing, but it is an after the fact type security. If that item disappears and is recovered days or weeks later the event is robbed of having that item to present or to be auctioned the day that it is needed. Having a security guard is the best preventative method that prevents that item from ever leaving the premise.

The larger the size, location and production status of an event the security concerns become a greater issue. An issue not to be neglected, overlooked or ignored. Asking venues and event site personnel as to what policies and procedures they practice and what personnel they have available for events takes care of the security concerns of most events. Events done in venues or event sites where no security is provided is a major concern for those hosting events. The general rule of thought on security is that a little is good but more is generally better.

SPI Security Rhino

In 2005 SPI Security Inc. purchased a 2005 Yamaha Rhino 660cc, since then this unit has evolved into a custom all purpose UTV. Today the Rhino proudly stands backed by its list of upgraded/aftermarket products, which consist of:

- First Aid Kit & Fire Extinguisher & All Security Equipment
- 27" ITP Tires
- 14" Billet Rims
- 2" suspension lift
- Custom paint & decaling
- PIAA headlight bulbs
- Removable windshield
- High Intensity off road driving lights (12 total aftermarket)
- Rear suspension seats
- Clarion satelite radio/CD player marine deck
- Marine speakers
- Optima deep cycle marine battery
- Front & Rear Winches 2500lb Super Winch
- Removable Canvas Cab
- Up graded CDI box
- Clutch Kit
- Console & Cup holder acc
- Extra Guages Voltage, Fuel, RPM
- Many Many More Coming Sooon!

This machine is used for numerous purposes and jobs such as;

- Search & Rescue (which is why it has the extra accessories)
- Special Event Security for LARGE outdoor areas/music festivals etc!
- The Rhino can transport 4 large security officers in a hurry!! Or 3 officers and Our K-9 Mike.
- This Yamaha powered Rhino can reach speeds of approximately 95km/h
- It's equipped with yamaha's durable 4 wheel drive system, and stands with 14 inches of clearance, with adjustable suspension.
- The Rhino can save valuable time when a medical emergency arises.
- By utilizing our Rhino we can also operate and control large areas that do not have foot patrolled guards or other personel.
- Prevents suspects from fleeing a crime scene without getting apprehended.
- Quickly EVADE dangerous and extreme risk situations.
- SPI's Rhino is an absolute must for mine and construction security!!
- SPI's Rhino is equipped to be utilized during summer or winter seasons.
- Our Rhino can pull a utility trailer and has a tow capacity of 1500lbs. That's alot of supplies and or people in need of a ride. Very handy when your in 35 degree weather.


Special Event Medical Services

When planning a special event there are important questions you should ask to determine your first aid needs:
  • How many people will be attending your event? Medical demands vary. An event hosting 200 people will have different first aid needs than an event with 6,000 participants.
  • Is your event being held during daylight hours or is it a night event? If it is held during night-time hours, is there good or limited lighting in the area?
  • Does your particular group have any potential health issues that should be taken into consideration?
  • What time of year is your special event being held?
  • Do you anticipate hot weather, cold weather or wet conditions?
  • What is the length of the event? Does your event run for a few hours, a full day or is it a multi-day event?
  • Will there be alcohol available and what is the anticipated use of alcohol?
  • Is there a single location for your event? Is it one set location or will there be multiple venues.
  • Have you encountered any first aid related problems with the event in the past?
  • If this is an athletic or sporting event, how strenuous is the activity?
  • Alcohol availability and anticipated use
  • Demographics of crowd
  • Number of attendees
  • Location of event/Multiple locations
  • Weather/Time of year
  • Length of event
  • Problems encountered with event in the past
It is recommended that every special event have a first aid kit easily accessible on the event site. The first aid kit should contain, at a minimum: compresses, ice packs, bandages and antiseptic

  • 24 Hour / 365 day medical standby service
  • Detailed clinical reports for every patient treated
  • First Aid Posts / Tent
  • 4 Large completely stocked first aid kits
  • Indoor Air Conditioned First Aid station with power,cold packs, water, chairs and bed for comfort
  • Crutches
  • Wheelchair
We can provide any level of care from single attendants to full medical teams comprised of many types of professional personnel such as;
  • Paramedics (EMCA) PCP or ACP
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
  • Emergency First Responders (EFR,EMR)
  • Registered Nurses
Keep insurance costs down and provide a safe environment for your concert, gala or special event attendees. Event Medical Staff keeps a watchful eye and provides initial response to injured and sick patrons. Staff are able to initate care and activate local Emergency Medical Services for transport to higher medical authority. Services range from medical stations, roaming patrols and can vary in visibility from discreet to high profile accessibility

By having qualified staff on site, victims of illness or injury receive treatment in seconds. In an emergency situation, every minute is precious time.

We can customize a medical coverage program for any event size or venue. For further information about our onsite medical services and rates, please contact us at 1-306-975-0999 or toll free at 1-866-372-7574 or email at