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Spousal Infidelity

Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. is well versed in the delicate investigation techniques and surveillance that is necessary to discover if a spouse or significant other has been unfaithful or untruthful.

If you have suspicions that your spouse or significant other is or has been unfaithful, put your mind at ease and call Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. At Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc., we understand what a traumatic and emotional experience even having suspicions can be, and we make every effort to make the entire investigation process as painless as possible.

Our investigators will efficiently and discreetly conduct extensive surveillance on your spouse to examine their activities while they are not with you. Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. uses the latest in video technology to capture every moment, from long-distance range and still photos to night vision cameras. We also utilize mobile surveillance units for those covert situations.

All evidence that Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. collects will be documented both in a comprehensive report and on videotape or with still photographs.

We can also provide spousal infidelity decoys to test your spouse and see if they will succumb to temptation.

At Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc., we have extensive experience in the field of surveillance and strive for complete customer satisfaction. We will work hard to find out the truth for you!

Here are Some Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse:
  • Your spouse seems bored. Bored with you, with job, with kids, with hobbies, with life in general.
  • Your spouse seems more secretive.
  • You notice charges on your credit card statement that don't make sense.
  • You feel as if your being avoided.
  • Money becomes more of an issue between the two of you.
  • Your spouse seems to want thrills or danger in his/her life.
  • Your spouse has a low self-esteem.
  • You can't get your spouse to communicate with you.
  • Spouse is more attentive than usual.
  • Spouse is working longer hours.
  • You notice your spouse has a sense of confusion about self.
  • There is a considerable difference in intimacy in your relationship. (no sex life)
  • Your spouse has becomes lazy, especially around the house.
  • Your spouse becomes very defensive if you mention infidelity or affairs.
  • Your spouse is looking nicer and dressing nicer.
  • Your spouse is indifferent to family events like birthdays and holidays.
  • You find out your spouse has been lying to you about a variety of things.
  • He/She doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything with you anymore.
  • You can't even get your mate to fight with you.
  • Your partner abandons religious faith.

If you feel that your spouse may be having an affair or there's a possibility of unfaithfulness, and you have to know. Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. offers an invaluable service to let the truth be known.

Our discreet and professional investigators will tail your spouse backed by the latest in surveillance technology equipment, along with precise documentation of every movement the subject may make.

We also have customized surveillance units for covert surveillance accompanied with night vision for the evening.