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Domestic Investigations

Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. domestic investigations consists of:
  • Child custody evidence
  • Premarital checks
  • Babysitter/Elderly care surveillance
  • Teenage activities
  • Personal property & asset information
  • Biological parent & relative search
  • Stalker harassment
  • Child maintenance locates
  • Child abduction
  • Property Vandalism

Child Custody Evidence

Another of the many services that Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. provides is the surveillance of ex-spouses for the purpose of child custody or maintenance. For example:

Ruth and Larry have joint custody of their three children. Ruth is aware of Larry's frivolous lifestyle and lack of responsibility regarding the children. She suspects that Larry is drinking alcohol and driving while he has the children in his care, or leaving the children alone. She called Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc., and we were able to obtain evidence of his negligence, which resulted in Ruth gaining full custody of the children.

The obtaining of concrete evidence in these types of cases is very beneficial to the law firm representing the spouse applying for full custody.

Child Maintenance

Are you a single parent? Are you having difficulties collecting child support from your ex?

Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. sympathizes with your plight and will make every effort to assist you.

We will locate your ex and provide you with all the necessary information to pursue your claim.

Teenager Activities

Do you worry about your teenager's behaviour when they are away from you or you are out of town?

Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. can put your fears to rest. We can conduct covert surveillance or place hidden cameras inside your home to monitor your residence 24 hours a day.

Babysitter/Elderly Care Surveillance

Have you recently hired a new babysitter? Are you worried about leaving your children with someone new? Are you suspicious that your elderly family member is being mistreated by their caretaker?

Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. can put an end to your worries. Using hidden surveillance cameras, we can monitor all activities inside your home and ensure your loved one's safety.

Property Vandalism & Break and Enter