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Mystery Shoppers Program

Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. would like to introduce our company to you. We are a locally owned and operated business located in downtown Saskatoon. We are a very professional and discreet investigation firm that offers 24-hour service, 7 days a week. Our meticulous attention to detail will provide you with the results you require. We offer many varied services for our corporate clients.

One of our specialties is a mystery shopper program. Our mystery shopper program can assist you in understanding how your customers view your business and provide you with an objective examination of how your customers are served.

In our mystery shopper program, one or more of our investigators will enter your business, posing as a potential customer/client. They will then evaluate your staff and business on a wide variety of criteria. Some of the criteria are cleanliness of the location, customer service, general setup of the business location, or any specific criteria you request.

Saskatoon Private Investigation Inc.'s mystery shopper program is valued because we provide a non-biased and honest evaluation based solely on the criteria you select. All evaluation results are strictly confidential and provided only to you.

If you have any questions about our mystery shopper program or any other investigative needs, please don't hesitate to call Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. at 975-0999. We will work hard to get the truth for you.