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Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc

SPI Security


SPI Security hires new employees on a regular basis due to its EXTREME overwhelming constant growth. We also offer medical,dental and health benefits to our staff after 6 months of service. SPI has a great group of staff that are positive team players and have great public relation skills that are exercised on a regular basis.

-SPI Security Inc. takes quality control to highest levels. We do not tolerate or keep any employee that doesn't meet the companies requirements and doesn't follow policy's and procedures.

-SPI has great advancement opportunities due to the constant growth. We are constantly appointing new supervisors and increasing rate of pay as much as possible.

-SPI Security may offer private investigator training to appointed personel that must not only meet but exceed employers expectations and display great work ethics and have great meticulous attention to detail.etc

-SPI is also hiring loss prevention officers in Saskatoon & Prince Albert Sk.

-SPI's pay period's are bi-weekly.

-SPI has various equipment that can be utilized during duty including kevlar vests along with kevlar or spectra gloves for the employees safety and well being.

-SPI offers additional training in baton tactical and self defense tactics as well handcuffing. If you pass you will receive certification to carry handcuffs and baton(s). Staff are able to receive this training for a large discounted cost that can be deducted from their regular pay.

-SPI frequently offers incentive bonus's such as employee of the month. Employee of the month receives an additional $100.00. Employee of the month is based on quality of performance of work, and his/her punctuality and relability as well as *AVAILABITY*!!

-To Enquire about a job with SPI Security Inc. please send us your resume along with any additional info etc, to