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Corporate Services

The sheer size of many places of employment makes theft, substance abuse and other illegal activities extremely difficult to detect and control.

Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. corporate services include:
  • Surveillance of substance abuse of all types
  • All theft, fraud and embezzlement
  • Background checks of employees
  • Investigation of misappropriation of funds
  • Undercover operations for all services
  • Investigation of environmental issues
  • Undercover employee operations
  • Property vandalism
  • Company vehicle abuse
  • Disability & WCB fraud
  • Document & process serving
  • Investigation of excessive employee absenteeism

Surveillance of substance abuse of all types

Business owners, do you worry about what happens at your place of business when you are absent? Are you concerned that substance abuse may be occurring during work hours? At Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc., we will conduct extensive surveillance on your employees to determine if substance abuse has occurred. Discovery of this information has a number of uses. Obviously, an individual who either drinks or uses illegal substances while working is not concerned with their own safety or the safety of co-workers. Discovery of this unwanted behaviour and subsequent termination of the employee in question can make your place of business a safer place to be. As well, your rate of work production will rise dramatically once this behaviour is discovered.

This type of investigation puts the power of ensuring quality control of your company in your hands and allows you to make informed decisions.

Employee theft

Employee absenteeism

Are you havingtrouble with your employees coming into work late or not at all? Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. can determine the reasons for employee absenteeism by conducting surveillance on the employeein question and delivering the results to you in written form and on videotape. Having this knowledge can enable you to take the necessary steps to discipline or terminate the employee in question

Company Vehicle Abuse

Have you ever been told that your company vehicles have been seen at a nightclub on a Friday night? Are you suspicious that your company vehicles are being abused? Is the company gascard paying for your employees' expenses beyond work hours? Saskatoon Private InvestigationsInc. can verify exactly what is happening to your company vehicle while in the possession of an employee. We will conduct surveillance on the vehicle in question and document all findings in a written report and on videotape.

Property Vandalism

Employers, have you discovered vandalism at your place of business? At Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc., we will assist you in discovering who is responsible for the damage in many different ways.

We can set up our surveillance unit for round-the-clock surveillance of your property with wireless video cameras. As well, our licensed investigators can conduct covert surveillance of the property. All findings are documented both in a written report and on videotape.