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Locate Missing Persons

Locating individuals has become an increasingly necessary part of doing business in our ever-mobile economy. Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. locates individuals in many types of situations, such as:
  • Asset recovery
  • Former acquaintances
  • Criminal defense witnesses
  • Civil litigation
  • Non-payment of loan
  • Process service
  • Runaways
  • Mysterious disappearances

In some instances, the missing person is someone who doesn't want to be found. They may be avoiding creditors or the law. In other situations, the individual may not be aware that someone is looking for them; for example, birth parent(s) of an adopted child.

After exhausting your own efforts to locate an individual, take the next step. With our extensive experience in finding that certain someone, Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. is the answer.

It will cost you nothing to come into our office and speak to an experienced investigator about your situation. At the end of our initial consultation, you can then decide if you want to pursue the search further.

What to do if a child goes missing?

  1. Stay calm. Contact anyone-friends, neighbours, siblings who might know where your child could be. Ask a calm friend or neighbour to be with you. Contact Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. as soon as possible. The sooner they are aware of the situation, the more likely they are to locate the child.
  2. Perform a search using your telephone. Ask friends, neighbours, or relatives-who may wish to help to use their telephones so that your line will remain free for any incoming calls. If you have to leave the house for any reason, make sure that there is an answering machine or someone present to answer the telephone.
  3. After contacting the police and Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc., ask friends or relatives to do a basic search of the neighbourhood. Try to recall the past few days of family situations, as a recent disciplinary action or argument could be the reason for the child leaving your residence.
  4. File a missing child report if the telephone and neighbourhood searches prove unsuccessful. This report is very important because it allows local law enforcement to place a description of the missing child on the Canadian Police Information Centre. Doing so will notify all police forces across Canada of the missing child. If you suspect abduction, provide Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. and the police with any information you have about the possible abductor.
  5. Perform a complete physical search of the neighbourhood. Organize a search party to search relevant areas, such as any friends houses, the local community centre, the child's route to and from school, and any favoured hang-outs. Be on the lookout for any of your child's personal belongings. If you locate any, do not disturb them. Let Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. handle the situation.
  6. Make sure that someone is at your residence at all times to handle any incoming calls. Keep all telephone lines free at all times.
  7. Contact your local searching agency and register your child. Searching agencies can provide support and suggestions for assisting in the search of your child.
  8. Act as quickly as possible. Try to keep focused on locating the missing child. Every second is vital in your search.
  9. Continue to search, even if there are no results immediately. Keep in contact with Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. (and the provincial agency that registered your child.)
  10. Request media support, such as television, radio, and local newspapers only at the advice of Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. and local law enforcement involved with the case. It is not desirable to publicize your work number or address, as doing so can cause misleading or false information and distress you and your family.
  11. Disperse photographs of your child. Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. and local law enforcement can provide services to assist in this task. It is vital to work in cooperation with Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. and local police and keep them informed of your personal searching techniques. If you want to use any other agencies, make sure to check their credibility before providing any information.
  12. Keep a detailed diary of your search, as well as people and agencies you have contacted to assist you. Doing so will lower the chances of search duplication and can allow a review of all inquiries.

Places to check for your missing child

  1. Your home and property. Make sure to check every inch for your child. Don't move anything in your child's room until Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. has checked it. Moving items could result in disturbing valuable evidence.
  2. Shopping centres or corner stores
  3. Your child's school and schoolyard, as they may have detention or extracurricular activities
  4. Video arcades
  5. Local sports facility or community centre
  6. Homes of your child's friends, as well as the residences of relatives and neighbours
  7. Hobby shops, bicycle shops, and toy stores
  8. Past and present babysitters
  9. Parks or play areas
  10. Ex-spouse's home, if you are separated or divorced
  11. Bus terminals, both municipal and provincial

For suspected runaways

  1. Check your teenager's room. Older children may pack several items if they have planned to run away or might leave a note regarding their disappearance. Be careful not to disturb any items in their room, as doing so may destroy evidence.
  2. Check your child's locker and desk at school for information which could help determine your child's plans, including friend's names and addresses, as well as possible activities.
  3. Check for signs of possible cult involvement, such as books, magazines, tapes or compact discs, or any other personal belongings.

REMEMBER: Do not wait too long before contacting Saskatoon Private Investigations Inc. Although it is a good idea to begin your own search, spending too long could waste precious investigation time.